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Monday, August 13, 2007

Pj Half Marathon - 21 km

Oops....this is not the Pj Half!!..it's the 4th 24 hrs walk...11th -12th August..at dataran merdeka.
The man walkin in the second pic is my fren's pa.

Chan.. Enjoyin his run... fun N peace...last 1 km to the end...

Abang... running slowly...200 m to finish his second Half marathon...

Suriati... cutting her 30th birthday cake cum 1st anniversary of SM

One for the Album..Sanusi Clan ++ Chan, Fairul,Kak Aida -- Jaya,Estelle N Rama

The Medal - Front N Back

Sun 12th August 2007, Stadium PJ, Kelana Jaya PJ...

It's the end of a big loop as the the Slow Movers are back to the place where we started. The entire Sanusi clan ,Jaya, Chan, Fairul Estelle,kak AidaN Rama joined in for the Anniversary Run.
....The PJ Half Marathon...

The Run started at 6.38 am.. 8 min late....Masalah parking bas kat depan startin point...Baaang....We ran ..ran..n ran.. up the the motorola bridge..down towards the SAS airport... come on babe..Run.. U have got a flight to catch..I said to myself....hhahahaha!!!!..
Made a U turn at terminal 3 N ran about 9 km more towards the Stadium...
Finished the race in 1:50:02 at the position of 65.... Followed by Rama in about 1:58 at the 127th placing N Abang slowly manage to finished his second Half Marathon. The rest of the Slow Movers doin 10 k N below reached earlier.... Well Done 2 all the SM!

After the Run .. we had a small celebration in conjunction with Su's Birthday N to remark the 1st Anniversary of Slow Movers. ...Su... Welcome to the club of 30's...dah tualah tu...Insaflah...!! Happy Birthday Su...!! Chit Chat..N left about 9.45 am. Happy Anniversary to all the Slow Movers where ever u are.. N Bye PJ... C u next Year..!!

Next Heading to Alor Setar..4 the 24th ASJC - 21k run... Bye!

note: Retyped due to some technical error...!


Julie said...

You were at Dataran last Saturday? Maybe I was too excited and didn't noticed you presence lah. I was there, taking part for the 1st time.

Trust me, its really teruk. By 12 midnight both my legs were swollen and almost broke into 2 pieces. Luckily I did pretty good in the 1st 12 hours and complete 58km. Apalagi, more than cukup to get the medal and cert so makan cukup-cukup and tidurlah. Got up at 7.30am on Sunday to walk another 2 laps ..... wanna show off little bit lah that I did the 24 hour walk and round up my mileage to 60km although I only need to do 48km.

Congrats for finishing the 21km at below 2 hours again .... just wonder how you have so much energy and such strong leg. What you eat to sustain that strong leg to run ah ? Ada apa-apa petua kah? Gua mau take part in the 12 hour walk in Penang end of 2007 so need some preparation now lah.

Evil Angel said...

I sebenarnya malas nak tegur, tapi bila I tengok nama I pun salah eja, melampau la Chan.

Tey said...


foto 165,290,291,u friend dad...