Monday, January 22, 2007

Great Eastern Pacesetters 20 km Run

chan running his first 20k after 20 years

The 20k cert...

Chan wit the 20k medal

Sun,... 21 Jan 07, Lake Garden...
The first race for the year of 2007....

The Slow Movers are back on the track again...running further N further N now it's the 20 KM
pacesetters run. Only two registered (Jaya N Chan) for this run as it was a late decision. Jaya couldn't make it..so it was only me to rep the Slow Movers.

The race began sharp at 6.30 am. About 500 runners were there.. 3.2.1..... go... It was one of my best run. First 3 km I was slow (jogging) as belum warm up N belum dapat tempo lagi.. .. then next 14 km I ran well..good pacing.....but still lack of training kot.... at km 18 onwards...I stopped twice... ..
Manage to finish in 2hrs 02min 16 sec at the position of 89... could have done better...!!

Collected the goodies and took part in some kind of survey by Great Eastern. Sayonara at about 9.00 am..
C u all at the next race....