Sunday, March 18, 2007

KL International Marathon (21km) - an historical run

42 km in 1987

21 km in 2007

su sedang di urut...... free massage...

su, chan N Abang

some of the Slow Movers...kakak,makcik,chan.su N abang

Sun, 18 March 2007, Dataran Merdeka....

Finally it's the day to run the most awaited historical run... The KL MARATHON.
Why?.. .. cos my first marathon (42.195 km) that I ran was the KL marathon in 1987 N
today I ran in the KL Marathon ( 21 km) again after a long 20 years break...WOW!!!....

I and Su were there at 5.00am..to participate in the 21 km( Half Marathon) category run....Did some warm ups...Checked in at 5.30 am...N at 6.00 am... BANG!!!... N there u gooooooo....It was my best run ever cos I ran non-stop till the end. Finished in 2:02:43.... www.klmarathon.gov.my/cat07_f.htm
Collected the medal...N staright to water station..had a lot 100+ and Milo drinks... Walked around..spotted makcik and abang waiting for Su at the finsihing line.

There she comes limping all the way towards the finishing line. What a spirit...that is Slow Movers.
She had a cramp + knee pain after the 12th km....N she doesn't give up... Salute for her spirit and
courage N determination...Everything is possible.....Syabas...!

Ok folks..C u all at the next run....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Smart Tunnel Run 2007 (13.5 km)

part of the Slow Movers

zahir , chan N azhar

chan N su

Sun, March 11, 2007

It a kinda of new run for the Slow Movers as it would be in a tunnel. As usual the regulars and three new
members turned up for the carnival. It's a 13.5 km Run and 75th annivesary for Jabatan Pengairan and Saliran. As usual the race started at about 7.30 am , officiate by the Minister. Ran about 1 km on the road, entered the Smart Tunnel and ran 6 km two way fro and finally 0.5 km on the road before reaching the finishing line. Never thought I could be one of the medalist compare to the number of competitors.....lamai mali loh...hampir 1500 olang..utk men open category shj. Finished the race in about 1:12:43.

Su was also one of the medalist in the women open. She,Makcik,Abang,Kakak,Azhar,Zahir and the other members ran basically in a desert like environment as there were no water at the water stations..OH boy......bayangkanlah...13,5 km without a sip of H2O....apa dah jadi....poor mgmt?. I met them after the race...semuanya letih nak mampus....nak bangun ambik gambar pun..tak larat..siot....Lepak sekejap....N ...Adios.

Next run would be the Kuala Lumpur International Run..(KLIM) on the 18th March 2007..
...C U....

Monday, March 05, 2007

UM- Larian Gemilang Rakan Muda - 9-10 K

Sun, March 04, 2007

A run which The Slow Movers got to know in last minute N most of us were undecided
as it was to close to the Smart Run. Myself too wasn't sure of going..till my alarm rang at 5.00 am.
Woke up....felt OK..so pegi ajalah.... Reached at 6.00 am ..registered....tapi menyesal ..Y?

The Run only started at about 8.45 am....dah pane siut...macam -camlah ..speech by A,B,C..lagu x.y.z ..etc
Lari 2 km saja ..tekak dah kering...Dah tada mood.... I think it wasn't 10 km cos I manage to finish it in 50 mins...Medals were given to top 40 runners...N guess what ..I got NO 41...Sayang satu kali sayang..just missed by seconds... takpe..menang..kalah..bisa saja pak..it's all apart of the game...

Collected the goodies and the Cert N left at about 11.00 am. Byeeeeeee. Next would B the Smart Tunnel run. C U there... VIVA Slow Movers!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

X-country poawpKL ke 22 - 8km

Sun..Feb 25 ,07... Lake Garden

The Slow Movers r back...in a bigger team ..for the 22nd X-country. The first
for all the members. Kinda of tiring cos had to run on slippery roads, staircase, up hills, cross the widest river N drain in KL..etc. Manage to finish the race in about 45 mins. Not a good run actually but not bad.
Su and her two sibblings manage to get the finisher medals. The Slow Movers are improving in every run.
Keep it up !!!

We have two more new members - from the Accounts dept of Bernama (Mr.Azhar and Mr.Fuzahir) .
Welcome .....to the club.

Ok folks... C U at the next race ..the SMART TUNNEL run.