Monday, August 06, 2007

Adidas- NPE King Of The Road - 21km

The Sisters ... Kak Sumarni N Makcik wit Estelle B 4 the Run

Izzat on his way ... to the grab the last medal for 5km.....

Kak Sumarni ....we know y u missed the medal..... ought to get a comb....!!

Javier...Doin some Salsa running after the all night long of Salsa dance.....

Chan... 200 m to go... wooi finishing sebelah sana da ...tengok camera kot...!
Abang finishing his Half Marathon.. the first after 20 years...Syabas...!

The arrival of YB Suriati Sanusi.... Well done..babe!

The Rep of Slow Movers for the King of The Road Run minus Estelle

The Slow Movers with former Walker Mr. Khoo Chong Beng...

A pic while waitin for Fuzahir, Abang N Su...

One 4 the Album...

Sunday, 5th August 2007, Sunway Pyramid...P.Jaya.

After a lot of races away, we r back to P.Jaya to do the Adidas King of the Road Run...The Reps for Slow Movers were Chan,Abang, Su (21km) ,Jaya,Javier,Makcik Kakak,Estelle,Fairul (10km) N Izzat (5km).
The Race started on time at 6.45am ...officiated by Datuk Seri Samy Vellu, the Works Minister..3...2...1..Whistle....preeeeeeeeeeep!!!!

Another 2 hrs ++ run along the New Pantai Expressway... two way fro...running in standard Malaysian weather condition... Ran in my usual pace all the way..slow N steady.. The route was very like the wave loo....up n down...tryin to finish within the qualifin time...n I did manage to finish it in 1:40:22 at the position of 103. Habis saja...apa lagi..it's Milo time..... Milo2 ..anda jadi sihat dan kuat.....!!!! met up with Mr Salsa N the Coach.... Fuzahir finished the 21k men vet catergory in about 2 hrs 15 min... Kasihan kakinya cramp at the last 4 Km ...followed by Abang ..about 2 hrs 34 mins. Su the rep of Slow Movers for the 21k women conquered the NPE from the begining till the end N finished it with bike escort in about 3 hrs++.Yeaaahhh..we r the Slow Movers....cayalah ..babe !!!

As for 10k, Javier managed to catch up with Jaya although he started 10 mins late n both of them finished approx in 53 mins. This time the Son had more luck ...as Izzat grabbed the last medal for his 5 km category N kakak Sumarni missed it by inches....well that is sports.. Kalah Menang..itu kan adat Sukan... Makcik, Fairul n Estelle finsihed the race with their own pace... Syabas to all...khas buat Izzat..

Once the most awaited person, YB Su arrived with escort Peronda NPE , we snapped some pics, sembang2...met Mr Khoo Chong Beng, the former National Walker,currently one of the Judges for the international Walk Federation. Left about 10.00am. Sunway Pyramid / Lagoon is one of the tourist spot in PJ city. Bye Sunway..

Next would be The PJ Half Marathon .. more info.. smovers.blogspot.com ... C u..!!

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