Saturday, August 25, 2007

Larian Lebuh Raya 37 ke 1 - 4.5 km

The Medal (5th place)...

Sat.. 4.30 pm.. 25 August 2007.. Bkt Jalil.. KL..

A run for the Senior Citizens N children due to the 50th Merdeka celebration. Only those above 35 yrs old are allowed to participate together with primary school childrens. Myself N coach Jaya ran on behalf of Slow Movers. There wasn't many runners N ain't that fun n nice running in the evening.

The race began sharp at 4.30pm N we ran 2 loops around the MSN gate C entrance..out to the
Highway N back into gate C. Myself won a medal,finishing in 16:20 at 5th place N coach Jaya did well finishing at 3rd place in 15:34 . He won a medal + RM 25.00 .... Slow Movers naik podium lagi... Syabas Jaya !.

After the race met Ms.Julie N the gang. She missed the run due to the cab driver...sesat..n samapi lambat. Thank You for the info about this race. Uncle Jusmile too came late but still ran as a trainning for the run at Padang Timur.. PJ tomorrow. The prize giving ceremony only took place once after all have finish running which was about 6.20pm. Terima hadaiah N terus balik. Met Raymond of Pacesetter on the way back. Nice meeting U sir N Bye Bkt.Jalil...!


Angah said...

Congrats Jaya, no pictures ah?

Anonymous said...

jaya tipuu,,dier naik moto ..patut lee naik podium..!!