Monday, April 30, 2007

The Malay-Mail Big Walk

Mr Javier (Cuba) doin some Salsa while Walkin

Keluarga Sanusi N friends
Haizan N Shake with some of the Slow Movers
Jaya,Chan,Robert,...,Javier,Suriati,Makcik N Kak Sumarni

Sun , April 29, Dataran Merdeka KL..

It was a wet Sunday, as it was rainning the whole Morning ....Syok tidur siot....tak ada mood nak pi...if only shake tak call ...I dah Zzzzzzzzzz. Got up at 5.45 am. mandi kerbau....n drive terus...masih drizling lagi....Parked the car at Bkt Aman car park N walked to Dataran Merdeka. just on time...Met Javier N Robert. Checked in ....7.10 am..the Federal Teritory Minister flagged off the 10 km walkers...

A lot of friends were there to participate N to support. As usual... how would an event might take place without the presence of the Sanusi family...almost the entire Sanusi's clan were there .... ++ Javier,Robert, Shake's family, Fairul, Linda , Jamilah N Haizan ....all came to fill up the crowd...memang ramai minat fun walking... keh..atau cuci mata...!!.. It was memang crowded.

We walked N walked ...at times I felt like wanna run...but tak berani... walked for 1:30:23 . Walking is not as fun as Running. I ain't enjoy walking....The finishing part..it sucks...full of mud....Oh my new Rm quarter thousand shoe....gone..no chioce...have to step on the mud...it's everywhere... collected the cert , washed the shoe , looked for the Slow Movers n friends, couldn't find anyone.. collected the goodies which was worth more then the 10.00 entrance fee. Walked back to the car park..

On the way , met these two ladies, Mrs Mag n her sister. we were basically sharing our walking experiences ..they we walkin for the sixth time N it's the first for Chan. Mrs mag told me that she is in her early 50's. Oh my god, she looked like a lady in her late 30's. ( Tips to stay young ... Exercise,Diet, Lifestyle N Discipline). She also does jungle trekking at Bukit Gasing ....I was offered to join in..well.......
might try ....but dun know when....

Campak all the goodies in the car...N when back to look for friends. Met Mr Jacob, my friend's pa , Mr Jasmile Singh N finally the keluarga Sanusi. They were in a big group and it was nice to c the entire family.... The Malay-Mail family of the day award goes to ..... .... ..... Keluarga Sanusi...!
Javier , Robert N Fairul were there. Fairul was just like a chips more..now u c..now u dun.... Coach Jaya
came late for the event..what a lousy supporter or perhaps just wanna do some spot check ...!
ChiT - ChaT n Balik...

C u at the Larian Bersama Bomba.... BYE!!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Power run - 10 km

Jaya (A074) N Chan (A075) - on the move -500m from the starting point (Dataran Merdeka)

The Slow Movers N friends

Izzat, Chan, Kakak Sumarni, Abang N his NST friend

Slow Movers wit Javier, Robert, ....... N NST friends

Izzat, the future wit the Kenyan runners and .......

Sun 22th April, Dataran Merdeka ..KL

It's yet a another 10km race organized by the Power Team and the Slow Movers were powered up too.
The Sanusi family, Agus, Jaya, Zahir, Javier N Myself were there to add some excitement to the run.
Our coach Jaya was there after a long break. Jaya's last run was in Sept 06. Welcome back coach!!!.....

The race was officiated by deputy minister Datuk Palanivel , sharp at 7.30am.... I only saw Jaya N Kelvin (NST) at the starting point . The rest of SM N friends.... ..tak nampak pun???...It was a hilly run...around the Bukit Tunku Area to Jalan Duta. I just ran in a steady pace all the way. Finished the race in 53:02 min at the position of 88 in the Men's Open. Medals were given to the first 150 finishers. ...As usual Makcik N Kakak were the Medalist too in the 7km women veterans. ( Sandaran dan Harapan SM )...Old is Power !!

Suriati had the knee pain again and at a point she couldn't even move. Almost to be fetched by the Ambulance but somehow slowly finished the race. ...Slow Movers maa ! N yet she registered for 22.3 km Penang Bridge Run ....apa nak jadi ni dan bilalah ah moi ni nak pi check up ...?
Makcik, Abang N Kakak should N ought doing something about it ......The SM don't wanna lose a runner..

Lepak around the Sultan Abdul Samad Building (nearby to the clock). Met Javier's Kenyan friends ( Robert N ......) , Abang's NST friends N Makcik's friend. Chaoaw at about 10.00 am. Agus followed me back as we had plans to donate blood in conjuction of Wesak Day. Bathed N had Breakfast. My cousin Danesh fetched us to the Chempaka Buddisht Temple nearby Kayu Ara as she too wanna be a donor.

We registered N went thru all the regular check up routine. My cousin couldn't donate as she has less iron in her body ( kena makan besi buruk kot..) and Agus just came back from Indonesia in Feb... (pendatang haram). A foreigner must have stayed in Malaysia for at least a year in order to donate blood. So both of them have to wait for the 450 ml of my blood to drain out from my body. Sent Agus to Kelana Jaya LRT station.

Bye n catch you all at the next event... The Malay Mail BIG WALK...!

Monday, April 16, 2007

BHP Orange Run - 9km

Slow Movers with Ms Julie N Jasmile Singh
Su , Fairul N Chan

Fairul,Abang,Chan N Jasmile singh

Abang , Fairul, Chan n Nina

Sun.. 15th April , The Curve Damansara..

Hai folks..The Curve at Mutiara Damansara, were full wit marathon freaks , supporters N
rivals 0f competiton... to run the 2 nd Orange Run ( 9 km ). ...Sudah tentu the Slow Movers were there too...all in Orange....
(Makcik Along, Kakak Sumarni, Abang, Suriati,Nina, Myself N Fairul) were the rep for SM.

The race started at about 7.40 am .....we ran around Bandar Utama....agak berbukit jugak...doooong...
there were signboards showing the distance...5 Km to go...3 km to go N 1 km to go... so I started to increase my Pace...ran n lari n ran....tak sampai-sampai...ooi ni bukan 1 Km.....more to 2 km kot...aaiyah..Chan tertipu..!!

Finished the race in 53:15 min. Colllected the goodies...Baik punya ooh..Sports BackBag from Polo...n etc.
Waited for the rest of SM.... Abang came in after a while..followed by makcik , kakak, Su N Nina..
Lepas lari...apa lagi...it's breakfast time...free nasi lemak, maggi, oats, cookies , drinks. N macam-macam lagi...FOC ma..

As usual we met the regulars....Ms Julie and uncle Steven. Julie was sharing her 204 km walking experiences... from KL to Maran which was a 4 days walk. A kinda of interesting ..might join in Next Year... Then there comes the ultimate rival of Abang,... Jasmile Singh the 70 years old grand pa,whom has been running for the past 50 years.... got some motivation and tips from him. (Discipline, Commitment , Passion N Love is a must for runners).
Took some pics...Adios at about 10.30 am....

While walking back to my bike....checked my pocket... Oh boy!!!!!........IC N Drivin licence missing...apa lagi gabrah..panic...etc.. lah.....rushed back to the lepak place..searched everywhere , asked at the registration counter...spent almost half an hour...what to do...got on the bike.....BRooooooooooom... to the D'sara police station...explained to the officer and made a report. As the officer was the keying in the particulars, tiba-tiba my subconcious mind reminded me to check the Bag....traaaaaaaaaa.. N yabadaba doooooooo ..it was in the bag....What a Relieeeeef...Sia-sia aja....cari sini..cari sana..masuk balai ......just minta maaf kat officer tu N buzz off from there..... Hello apa dah n nak jadi ni...!...lapse of memory ..Admit saja dah ..Chan dah tua...!!

Had my shower and lepak.....dapat SMS from Javier...an invitation to the Rhumba-Timba Salsa party at the Kg Warisan cafe in Setiawanga. Met Su at the Off and went with her as I wasn't familiar wit the place and it was near to her apartment. Had a drink..(fresh Orange )... Met Javier, the Cuban painter, the Coach and some of Javier's dancing friends.... Enjoyed the Salsa dances performed by Javeir and friends. left at about 10.00 pm... Kepingin nak belajar Salsa...very soon...kot...at least for the sake of the Cuban Rum.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Larian Mesra Bersama Polis (200 tahun) - 10 km

The Slow Mover with Javier
Slow Movers with the national triple jumper, Ngew Sin Mei,
the high jumper , Lee Hup Wei N the Cuban coach,Antonio Yznaga Ibar

Sun , April 8, Ibu pejabat Polis, Jln Hang Tuah.

Hi folks.. The Slow Movers are gathered again for another race..The Larian Mesra Polis
sempena ulangtahun yang ke 200. An office colleague joined us too...Mr Javier of Cuba...

The Race began at about 7.30 am and it was crowded...ramai orang mesra dengan polis kot...
We were somewhere at the back about 50m away from the starting point. 3..2.1..there u Goooooooooo...
Myself, Sue with her knee pain.her niece and Javier were flagged off together... I ran on my own consistent pace. Finished in about 45 mins....not bad huh....!! Makcik,Kak and Javier were the medalist for Slow Movers. Bravo Slow Movers!!!

We met the national coach and the athletes for the high and triple jump. As usual Makcik took a pic with her Kenyan friends and we had a lot fun as we met a lot of regular running mates. We left at about 10.30 am N I have to get back to the Office to get my things as I was working overnight....What a day...!

Gracious to all N C U at the Next race..... Nos Vemos (Bye)

Monday, April 02, 2007

PD international half marathon

Slow Movers B4 the run
Izzat, kakak.makcik,chan N agus - The Slow Movers
Chan N Agus

Slow Movers with the Kenyan Runners.

1st April, 2007, Marina Admiral , PD...

Myself N Agus went there a day earlier...Bike..,LRT..., Komuter...,Walk...,Bus...,Car.. (Travel and Living)
Reached at Marina at about 2.00 pm..registered...N guess wat.. Agus chandra to registered...
wanted to try it out...no joke.it's gonna be 11km..
My cousins dropped us at the PD Perdana resort...the paradise of Kakak Sumarni. We decided to hop in
there, as it was nearer and convenient. Thank U Kakak N Makcik for the wonderful place and hospitality.

Got up early.. The Slow Movers are geared up for the run together with the new member ..Agus Chandra...had a warm up walk of about 1 km from the resort to the Starting point.....N ... of all the sudden water starts to sprinkle from the sky....Hujan...lah babe...turun bagaikan mutiara....yeaahhh...boleh mandi hujan.....!!

What a run!.....Ran in the rain thru out the race...Lebat siooot....+ the breezing wind....best nyer......
Makcik, Kakak, Izzat N Agus ran in 11 km categories and myself in the 21 km run. All of us were medalist.
I have kinda of improved my timing ..finishing in 1:53:43...

Credit should be given to the new member of the Slow Movers...Mr Agus Chandra...for his determination , spirit N courage to compete and to complete the run without any training. Syabas N Welcome to club. Bravo Slow Movers..... Once again ...Thank U and warmest regards to Makcik, Kakak and the kids..

C U all at the next run... Sayonara...