Saturday, October 30, 2010

24th Climbathon - Mount Kinabalu

Date: 23-10-10
Venue: Kinabalu Park, KK
Time:7.00 am
Distance: 21 k... 8.7km Up... 8.7k Down... and about 4km run to the finish line...!!!
Slowmoverz: Chan

Timing: 06:10:xx
Cat: Veteran
No: DNF ..only reach up to 7.7km.. about 1km to go..to the summit.
Next yeaR... serbu lagi...just do it.. Impossible is nothing...!!!

Next : 12k Run 4 it... Klang...!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

HoHaa 10-10-10 Run

Date: 10-10-10
Venue: Lot 10
Time:8.20 am
Distance: 5.5 k
Slowmoverz: Chan,Maznah,Nani,Fairul,Kak Sumarni, Izzat

Timing: 00: xx:xx
Cat: Open
No: xx

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