Thursday, May 03, 2007

Siddex-Sidana Badminton Open (Doubles)-2007

Indran-Deedee N Bala-Kawan with the Empire

Bala (Cons)-Andy N Suren-Regis with the Empire

Thiru-Muru N Nagur-Danesh with the Empire

Chan-Rosli N Sri-Vellu with the Empire

The 2007 Champs with the BRC Trophy.

Wed, 2nd May 2007, Kayu Ara, P.Jaya...

It was a very Shinny day. Siddex-Sidana held the first Badminton doubles open tournament which was
organised by BRC n sponsored by Edu Smart,Great Eastern, Dtgd cons , Sri's Saloon N Amway. It started at about 9.00 am .Venue: Siddex-Sidana Indoor Arena, Kayu Ara. It was packed with players , officals N supporters. 8 pairs were battling 4 the BRC trophy (sponsored by Great Eastern). The partners were choosen thru ballot system in order not to favour anyone. It was a round robin system. Divided into two groups with 4 pairs each. Each pair has to play 3 matches N the top two of the group will be playin in the semi's.

Group A

Group B

It was filled with a lots of emotions ,excitements N fun. Everyone showed off all their hidden talents , skills
N styles. After the long hours of shuttling , the finalist were Regis-Suren N Muru-Thiru. The Final weren't that exciting as expected... too tired kot atau ......! ANyHow the BRC trophy goes to..... Regis-Suren pair.
Syabas!!....Then ...what else..Makan-makan N Chaowlah at about 3.00 pm.

After the walkin N badminton.... I am back to running ... C U at Bomba Run... on Sunday! Bye...

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Anonymous said...

walavehh...banyaknya mat handsome in da match!!!terutamanya mat-mat botak wearin' white t-shirt...cun giler...