Sunday, March 01, 2009

KL Towerthon 2009

1st March 2009, Menara KL..

A run..to test your heart condition..climbing up 2,058 stair case..!!! much more tougher than running ... Reached there at 9.00 am as the Media Category only starts at 9.45 am...A lot of runnerz compare to last year... N Bernama was repped by 24 runners....n Javier of NNN/Bernama finished as the champ in 00:19:xx....Syabas to all the Runnerz N Congrats to Mr Javier Clavelo...!!!

The Media Cat was flagged of at 9.45 am... we have to run uphill about 1 Km b4 goin up..for about 421 m. I took about 25 mins to end de cardio test..It was fun although my condition was below the par..adalah sebabnya...!!!! Happy to c a lot of workin frenz taking part..come on..everything is possible....N Hope to more in future...Kalah...Menang is not the matter..what matters is the guts to start N to finish.....ada Berani...Kah!!! Met a lot of frenz..collected de goodies.....had our lunch and Sayonara...Workin loo.. C U all Again ..!!!

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