Monday, May 26, 2008

RMAF - 21k

Smovers ....during the RMAF battle...

My two Inspirators N Motivators...Feminine N Age isn't a barrier....."The Marathon Mum N Grandpa"...Hats off !

End of War...Newbie 4 half Marathon Mr Hasif...gettin some treatments..
4 da album....Chan wit running mates@bro's N sis's..."Peace"...

Sun 25th May 2008..Sg Besi Air Force camp...KL

A new experience running in the Sg.Besi runway..it was about 2 km b4 we took off to the main road.
The Slowmovers..........Chan.Fuzhair,Hasif,Abang,Kak Su,Makcik N Izzat were a part of the thousand runners ....sent of with fireworks along the runway.. to run 21k around KL to Sg Besi. .....Thumbs up to the organisers..(7*)..there were water stations every 5 km, sponge station evey 2.5 km, toilet at km 9, supply of power gel at km 10, First Aid here n there...it was great!!... KLIM should..???.

I ran in a slow pace...met Kp Tan.. tried to pace him..up to km 12 he was in my sight...then...off he go...Finished 160 in 1:54:50. Followed by Fuzahir in about 2:17, Abang (about 2:43),Hasif (about 2:47),Kak Su (about 2:56) N Makcik(about 2:57). Syabas to all 4 doin below 3 hrs..!!! It was a very well organised run. Keep it up RMAF..we want more...!!!
Next would be Sundown Marathon...till then..BYE!!!


jue said...

Wah, the Sanusi Family ran so fast ah ..... how to chase them in the next Half Marathon ??????

No joke lah all under 3 hours. I better start training kau kau. But these days got so tie up with commnity work, hardly have time to train or even run. Better make sure I don't miss Siemen Run .... bye bye Jacob Walk....

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