Monday, November 26, 2007

12th Master road run - 4.5 km + wedd...

The Medal ( 5th Placing)

Cousin sis's Wedding...Congrat's..

Sun, 25th Nov 2007- Bkt Jalil...KL...

The Senior Master Association organised yet another run for the Veteran above 35 years old. A lot of Pro's came to take part. Myself went with Fuzahir N met Makcik over there. We three were the rep of SlowMovers.

The race starts sharp at 8.00 am. We have to run around the stadium twice. I ran in a slower pace cos i have consumed some alcohol the day b4 so ..I was a kind of Ok tak Ok... faham2 saja ya...
Finished 5th at the timing 0f 15.xx.Left just after the race cos had to attend my Cousin Sis's wedding at the Mariamman Temple in KL.... Thats all for now. Next would be the Singapore Marathon. Bye ...!!!

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