Monday, July 23, 2007

KUL 10k..?? - 3k run

B 4 the run

Su, En Adam, Estelle N Abang ... B 4 the race

The Angels.... Su, Estelle. Makcik,(wit her new look....mengancam...kan!) N Kakak...

The Movers.... Abang, Piyush, En.Adam, Chan N Agus

The Partial family of Slow Movers... after the run...

Sun, 22nd July 2007, Taman Melawati,..

It's 6.30 am ..Myself n Su were at the Tmn Melawati field waitin for the rest of the Slow Movers..
Javier came after a while followed by Agus N the new member of the Slow Movers...Mr Piyush Patel,
an Indian born , USA resident... came down to train Mr.Agus at Singapore...N just hopped into Malaysia for a short break...N ran the KUL 10k run. Bravo Guys....The Slow Movers would like to give a warmest Welcome to Mr Piyush. The rest who joined in were Jaya, Kakak,Makcik cum kakak..(new hair cut...younger look..Fuyoooo), Abang , En,Adam,Estelle N Rama.. Met Mr Ronnie@pm1 N had a short chat...

It was the most teruk run of the year kot...cos lousy management..no toilets, place to put bags, Nothing was in order. It was just like Sukan Sekolah... The race started about 7.30 ...half an hour late ...N the distance was shorter then 10k..probably only 7 km... but the environment N the weather were very nice to run..very the green N cooling.....The other good thing is that everyone gets the finishers Medal and it was nice too.

All Slow Movers finished the race early N we snapped some pics, had some drinks N chit chat.. Javier N Fairul registered for the Adidas King of The Road. Left about 9.00 am.. Su sent Agus n Puriysh to the nearest lrt station, Javier back home..n myself back to the office..Thank You Su.... n C U all at the Next race.... Some of us will be heading for Malacca Historical Run... Bye...!!!

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Evil Angel said...

Oii.. nama dia PIYUSH Patel. Pandai-pandai je tukar nama dia ye. And lagi satu, Javier dah lama kenal pun tak tau eja lagi ke? What la you...