Monday, April 16, 2007

BHP Orange Run - 9km

Slow Movers with Ms Julie N Jasmile Singh
Su , Fairul N Chan

Fairul,Abang,Chan N Jasmile singh

Abang , Fairul, Chan n Nina

Sun.. 15th April , The Curve Damansara..

Hai folks..The Curve at Mutiara Damansara, were full wit marathon freaks , supporters N
rivals 0f competiton... to run the 2 nd Orange Run ( 9 km ). ...Sudah tentu the Slow Movers were there too...all in Orange....
(Makcik Along, Kakak Sumarni, Abang, Suriati,Nina, Myself N Fairul) were the rep for SM.

The race started at about 7.40 am .....we ran around Bandar Utama....agak berbukit jugak...doooong...
there were signboards showing the distance...5 Km to go...3 km to go N 1 km to go... so I started to increase my Pace...ran n lari n ran....tak sampai-sampai...ooi ni bukan 1 Km.....more to 2 km kot...aaiyah..Chan tertipu..!!

Finished the race in 53:15 min. Colllected the goodies...Baik punya ooh..Sports BackBag from Polo...n etc.
Waited for the rest of SM.... Abang came in after a while..followed by makcik , kakak, Su N Nina..
Lepas lari...apa lagi...it's breakfast time...free nasi lemak, maggi, oats, cookies , drinks. N macam-macam lagi...FOC ma..

As usual we met the regulars....Ms Julie and uncle Steven. Julie was sharing her 204 km walking experiences... from KL to Maran which was a 4 days walk. A kinda of interesting ..might join in Next Year... Then there comes the ultimate rival of Abang,... Jasmile Singh the 70 years old grand pa,whom has been running for the past 50 years.... got some motivation and tips from him. (Discipline, Commitment , Passion N Love is a must for runners).
Took some pics...Adios at about 10.30 am....

While walking back to my bike....checked my pocket... Oh boy!!!!!........IC N Drivin licence missing...apa lagi gabrah..panic...etc.. lah.....rushed back to the lepak place..searched everywhere , asked at the registration counter...spent almost half an hour...what to do...got on the bike.....BRooooooooooom... to the D'sara police station...explained to the officer and made a report. As the officer was the keying in the particulars, tiba-tiba my subconcious mind reminded me to check the Bag....traaaaaaaaaa.. N yabadaba doooooooo ..it was in the bag....What a Relieeeeef...Sia-sia aja....cari sini..cari sana..masuk balai ......just minta maaf kat officer tu N buzz off from there..... Hello apa dah n nak jadi ni...!...lapse of memory ..Admit saja dah ..Chan dah tua...!!

Had my shower and lepak.....dapat SMS from Javier...an invitation to the Rhumba-Timba Salsa party at the Kg Warisan cafe in Setiawanga. Met Su at the Off and went with her as I wasn't familiar wit the place and it was near to her apartment. Had a drink..(fresh Orange )... Met Javier, the Cuban painter, the Coach and some of Javier's dancing friends.... Enjoyed the Salsa dances performed by Javeir and friends. left at about 10.00 pm... Kepingin nak belajar Salsa...very soon...kot...at least for the sake of the Cuban Rum.


agus candra said...

Chan, I think you would need me as an assistant next time to keep your IC and driving licence.

It'll only cost u around 10-15 ringgit per race, very cheap...

For me, you are a good runner, next time make it below 40 minutes.. oke?

RunWitMe said...

Hello! Stumble upon your blog while googling for Orange run. Great job here! Will be back to check out your next race reports.

Fairul said...

chan, mcm mana ler u bleh lupa u'r wallet.
akhir nya chan sudah sedar usianya semakin tua. so, make your move now chan, tunggu aper lagi. maid pon maid lahhhh..

anyway, this orange run was so fun. and i'm enjoying running it, although my left knee pain a bit.

Sumarni Sanusi said...

Me think u were too engrossed with your new shoes..sebab tu terlupa mana tarok IC!

jw said...

great job and well done! u r just overwhelmed with that orange bag n lupa u got a 'smaller' wallet .... ha.. ha.. ha..

correction ... the kl-maran walkathon is 204km. indeed the walk is quite an experience. its about being back to the very basic in our daily lives and to be more human. However, there r still some who r blur - blur about their life. am looking forward to the walk next year n hope to bring a 'contigent' with me provided they don't mind all the 'suffering' - no proper toliet, sleep on hard concrete floor, eat with your hand be it rice, meehon goreng or roti canai.

c u in the next run .... or i mean mm big walk cos am joining the kwong tung run .... running around those chinese cemetery in sg. besi